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We offer a full suite of online compliance training modules, including:


Bloodborne Pathogens Training


HIPAA Training


OSHA Training


DOT Training

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Medical Waste Services

We provide scheduled and on-call pickups, processing and disposal of the following:

Biohazardous Waste / Red Bag

Biohazardous Waste / Red Bag

Also called infectious waste or biomedical waste. Includes infectious materials or potentially infectious substances such as blood.

Pharmaceutical Waste

Pharmaceutical Waste

Any waste which contains medicinal drugs that are expired, unused, contaminated damaged or no long needed.

Sharps Containers

Sharps Containers

The FDA recommends a two-step process for properly disposing of used needles and other sharps. We make that process easy!

Trace Chemo

Trace Chemo

Chemotherapy wastes are characterized as a hazardous chemical waste by the EPA and must be managed as biomedical waste.

Dental Waste

Dental Waste

We dispose of all types of dental waste, including mercury amalgam and silver-containing wastes such as x-ray fixer.

Processing & Disposal

Processing & Disposal

Required shipping manifests, tracking systems and more come packaged with our outstanding medical waste disposal services.


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And unlike our competitors, we don't nickel-and-dime our customers with fees or raising rates without notice. What you're quoted is what you pay!

Guaranteed low prices

We pride ourselves in cutting the costs of our customers, and that means we offer industry-leading rates for medical waste disposal.

Exceptional customer service

Don't wait days or weeks! Our customer service staff and medical waste compliance specialists realize the importance of attending to the needs of our customers, and it’s not something we take for granted.

Texas-Focused Medical Waste Solutions

As a leading Texas medical waste company, we're eager to show you how we can save you money and provide you exceptional service!

Locally Operated and Family Owned

Texas Bio Waste is a locally operated company that proudly serves clients throughout the state of Texas. Our medical waste disposal services are fully compliant and include sharps disposal, pharmaceutical waste, pathological waste and chemotherapy waste.


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Texas Bio Waste Compliance believes in providing great service matched with the most cost-effective solutions for managing medical waste. Depending on your medical waste volume, we customize our services to fit your needs.
They were awesome! Very easy to work with, great communication skills. Justina was very professional and helpful on the phone and via email. Very reasonably priced as well!
Cosmetic Aesthetics
Diana & her team are very responsive and the customer service is outstanding. I called several other companies in the valley that handle medical waste, and the competition out there that is supposed to be the "best": mixed messages, being tossed around, no callbacks, waiting days for responses and absolutely no follow-up from any the "best" companies. Medical Waste Disposal is the best, thats it, period.
Chad Brandt
Great company, they were quick to give me a great price quote. My current provider was almost double their price. My old provider also had hidden fees.
Ryan Trilaria

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